Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr., the firm's principal, has almost 20 years experience in the federal and state criminal justice systems, as a former federal prosecutor and as a criminal defense attorney.  Please click the following link for a summary of just a small sample of our representative criminal cases.  The firm handles complex federal and state criminal defense matters, including:

  • white collar offenses
  • political corruption by public officials
  • bribery and Hobbs Act extortion
  • mail fraud and wire fraud
  • tax evasion and tax fraud
  • securities offenses
  • Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud
  • healthcare fraud
  • Hobbs Act robbery
  • significant drug cases
  • all other manner of federal and state criminal matters
  • appeals and post-conviction challenges


We also handle federal civil rights cases for persons who have suffered abuses of their federal civil rights.  Such abuses and infractions can take several forms, including:

  • false arrest and false imprisonment
  • malicious prosecution of those wrongly accused
  • the use of excessive force by law enforcement
  • inmate on inmate violence resulting from the recklesness of prison authorities


Our consummate preparedness for litigation, based on our vast courtroom experience, is a substantial advantage in our investigation, preparation and resolution of personal injury matters.  We have substantial experience handling all manner of personal injury matters, including:    
  • automobile accidents
  • assaultive conduct
  • pedestrian injuries
  • slip-and-fall accidents
  • other serious personal injury matters


When you need legal advice, guidance and assistance with your family-law related matters, we are here to help.  Our services include:

  • negotiation and preparation of Pre-Nuptial (also refered to as Ante-Nuptial) Agreements
  • representation of clients in Divorce Proceedings
  • representation of clients in Custody and Child Support Proceedings
  • negotiation and preparation of Property and Financial Settlement Agreements