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You need the Law Offices of Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr. to weigh in on your behalf. 

Our recognized sustained experience in complex, substantial cases will tip the scales in your favor.  To view some client reviews click here.   

Rocco Cipparone's extensive jury trial, media and public speaking experience (click here to see some videos) -- including challenging the most aggressive prosecutors and cross-examining the best trained law-enforcement agents -- has provided him with the tenacity, skills and confidence to represent you unintimidated by the opposition, whether it is a criminal or a civil case.

Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr. will bring to bear his zealousness to assert and to defend your rights. He has substantial jury trial experience in both criminal and civil cases.

When you need the scales tipped in your favorcontact the Law Offices of Rocco C. Cipparone, Jr. to experience the tenacious, no nonsense, aggressive approach we bring to each client matter.

The choice of an attorney is an important one: make it count.

  • Federal and State Criminal Defense

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  • Federal Civil Rights Litigation

  • Federal and State Appellate Matters

  • Former Federal Prosecutorial Experience

  • Law School Faculty Appointment

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